An Ethics of Sanity

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Today, debates about Israel and the Palestinians often confuse and insult participants and observers rather than inform and clarify issues.

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If discourse is ethical, we can refuse to participate. There is a way to evaluate whether or not discourse is ethical, collaborative and coherent or unethical, incoherent and irrational. I have, over the years, become increasingly frustrated at the poor level of discourse that pervades our interactions.

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I will attempt to explain just what is wrong and what to do about it. There is an ethics of discourse.

by Prise, Sid

He presupposes that a norm is valid when it has achieved some sort of consensus or intersubjectivity, once again, a collaborative concept. As a philosopher, he attempts to base his conclusions on a complex system of thought. Another, more simple but consistent ethics of discourse was put forth by linguistic philosopher, H.

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    I have called highly educated people to task for using fallacious reasoning to back up an emotionally held conclusion, and to my surprise, they are unswayed by reason. They have lost a sense of ethics in discourse, which has become a shouting contest all too often. To make matters more interesting, psychologists Mary Main and Erik Hesse discovered a relationship between ethical discourse and mental health.

    What is Sanity? And Have We Lost It?

    The quality of the narratives of secure individuals is coherence. Unethical discourse is incoherent, fallacious and divisive. It does not promote the discovery of truth, nor agreement among people. It does provoke frustration and anger, at least in me. Rationing Sanity integrates those perspectives with the thoughtful practice-based experience of physicians well versed in the actual care of people with emotional and behavioral problems.

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    Over a period of years, the contributors met face-to-face to engage each other on the ethics of managed mental health care—the result is a unique, collaborative effort that provides a wealth of important new insights on not only how Americans can readjust their attitudes toward the mentally ill—but also how we may find more just and humane treatment for those afflicted. Saving the Worst Off Principle. Ethical Issues for Providers Patients and Managers.

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