Commentaries on the Laws of England: All 4 Books (Illustrated)

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USD 3. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview John Locke is often cited as the main influence on the political philosophy of the Founding Fathers during the American Revolution, and in the realm of law, that same position was held by Sir William Blackstone After studying law, Blackstone became an accomplished barrister, rising so far as to become a patron of King George III.

PDF Commentaries on the Laws of England: All 4 Books (Illustrated)

But he left his true mark on legal philosophy by writing at length about English Common Law, which set the precedents for law in the United States. By his early 30s, Blackstone published An Analysis of the Laws of England in , which was immensely popular throughout the British Empire.

Eventually Blackstone set out to establish a comprehensive overview of English law, which he did with his massive 4 book Commentaries on the Laws of England, a tome that is still cited about a dozen times a year by the U. Supreme Court. Daniel Berkeley Updike — founded the Merrymount Press in , which quickly came to represent the flowering of the Arts and Crafts movement in American book arts. An Exhibition of the Kilgour Collection. In the Houghton Library observed the th anniversary of the death of Aleksandr Pushkin with an exhibition of materials drawn from the extraordinary Russian literature collection assembled by Bayard Kilgour.

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From this vast trove, curator John E. As librarian and curator at Brown and later at Harvard, Winship championed the role of rare books in American higher education. As a connoisseur and printer, he promulgated enthusiasm for fine printing among collectors and readers in the early 20th century.

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The book includes a tribute by William H. Dennis, Karl S. Stoddard, and many more.

The Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle 3.0 (1,978 vols.)

This catalog of the commemorative exhibition of the th anniversary of the most important and notorious British magazine of the s—the first to market High Culture to English and American audiences through modern advertising strategies—includes a page essay, illustrations, and a checklist of the exhibition at Houghton Library in The catalogue describes 40 items included in the exhibition, while the Bibliography offers information on additional Iberian items in Houghton collections. A catalogue of 75 items from the Hyde Collection pertaining to Henry Fielding that were on display at an exhibition at Houghton Library in Toulouse-Lautrec: Book Covers and Brochures.

This catalogue documents a collection of 24 black and white reproductions of book covers and brochures illustrated by Toulouse-Latrec housed in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts at the Houghton Library. The catalog highlights material from the Colletion of Hans Moldenhauer and the Estate of Rudolf Kolisch included in a joint exhibition between Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich and Houghton Library in Written in English and German.

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  4. A facsimile of a letter from calligrapher, typographer, theoretician, and author, Jan van Krimpen, to Paul Hofer, Curator of the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts at Houghton Library, on certain problems connected with the mechanical cutting of punches. Horblit to the Harvard College Library. A catalog of an exhibition at the Houghton Library in of a selection of John Updike manuscripts, illustrating how text changes from manuscript to proof to revised edition.

    Commentaries on the Laws of England in Four Books, With Notes Selected from the Editions 4 Vols

    First Impressions: Printing in Cambridge, A catalogue of the exhibition at the Hougton Library and at the Harvard Law School Library in celebrating the th anniversary of the first printing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This book records the proceedings of a symposium held in conjunction with the exhibition of the Philip Hofer bequest to the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts at Houghton Library.

    Contributors include William H. First published in , this book remains one of the standard works on its subject. Loring , a collector and maker of decorated papers, explores the extensive history and use of decorated papers in the book arts. Appendices are devoted to the art of marbling, the preparation of paste papers, and a listing of some early makers of decorated paper. The author of Decorated Book Papers was a skilled maker of marbled and paste papers.

    Her recipe book has been preserved at Houghton Library, Harvard University.

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    4. This facsimile edition is accompanied by an essay on the recipes by Sidney E. A pair of leaves recently acquired by Houghton Library presents an opportunity to examine the illuminated sequence composed in honor of John the Evangelist. This book offers unparalleled access to the anthology, previously unavailable in English. This collection of ten essays constitutes the proceedings of a two-day conference held at Harvard in October The conference focused on three medieval manuscripts of Ambrosian chant owned by Houghton Library.

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