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As venture capitalist Brad Feld asserts in his book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City , startups thrive when experienced founders mentor the next generation. Meanwhile, many governments eager to support entrepreneurship are making misplaced investments. But this is misguided. Why not? When startups struggle to grow, in most cases we need more skilled talent and good ideas connected to each other and to early-stage private sector investments.

5 Myths about Artificial Intelligence

Governments should play their part by developing human capital through education, driving innovation through fundamental research, and implementing laws that lead to more efficient capital markets. In a rush to support new ventures, we often use a one-size-fits-all approach, but each region is very different. We need resources that are appropriate for the kind of startups we have here. The Global Entrepreneurship Library is a growing repository for videos, lessons, case studies and document templates is being crowd-sourced by a worldwide network of founders and advocates across countries.

Please visit, spread the word and contribute. Entrepreneurship requires long-term investments. It depends on a culture that accepts failure, agile and skilled talent, and a resilient ecosystem that will enable workers and ideas to flow easily from one firm to the next. Without these changes, efforts to support entrepreneurship will fall flat.

The Myth of Success

But if we can understand the mechanisms for how entrepreneurship happens, invest in developing the human capital and new ideas that drive it, and stay guided by a broader long-term vision, entrepreneurship can work its magic. This article was first published on the World Economic Forum blog. Welcome to How we made it in Africa! We thought you might be interested in an opportunity, offered by one of our partners, to launch your own business by importing from Africa.

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There are hundreds of African manufacturers with limited distribution looking for an overseas market. Importing their goods is the place to start your business.

It's Time to Burst These 5 Myths about AI

African business expert, Dr Harnet Bokrezion, will show you how. No time to go through the free web class? Buy It Now.

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Add to cart. Trovao , Paperback. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information With over forty-five years of sales and entrepreneurial experience, George J.

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  • Trovao analyzes the keys to creating and maintaining a successful business enterprise. He illustrates how exertion and steady professional growth can provide vast rewards and encourages the avoidance of procrastination while remaining cautiously aggressive when planning a strategy to become an entrepreneur.

    Entrepreneur: Power, Myths and Magic provides the preparatory tools needed to start and successfully maintain a business, tips to maintain a positive mental attitude, and encouragement to share the fruits of your labor so that you will prosper. Trovao feels it's necessary to understand the downside of business and assimilate it into the upside for an enduring and exciting journey of wealth and prosperity.

    His nuggets of wisdom include how to tap into a universal power, do less and accomplish more while maintaining a sense of urgency. Trovao's enthusiasm and persistence are inspirational for people thinking about taking the risk to start their own business. His instruction to duplicate yourself and duplicate your own efforts through others can accelerate wealth-building opportunities for all participants. He shows how to develop new habits, take the required action to achieve your goals, and watch your business thrive.

    His nuggets of wisdom include how to do less and accomplish more while maintaining a sense of urgency. Additional Product Features Publication Year. Show More Show Less.

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