Ghana: 50 Year of Independence

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These are some of the finest national heroes we have to pay homage to once we are popping Champagne and tinkling glasses for independence celebrations today. For they shed their bloodstream for all of us to savor all of the freedom we're sometimes mistreating today. On March sixth, which was just this past year when Ghana was honoring her independence golden jubilee anniversary, H. President J. Kafue made a simple but profound 3. He stated, and that I quote: "It's a wonderful time to become Ghanaian!

Why it's a wonderful time to become Ghanaian, you can ask? To reply to that rhetoric question, let us take a review of the theme with this year's 51st Independence Anniversary Celebration, that is: Ghana after Searching forward to return with Hope. With no stretch of imagination, it may be came to the conclusion this theme isn't just appropriate but additionally most thought invoking and also the best in the threshold from the next half a century of Ghana's independence anniversary.

Quite simply, the 51st anniversary marks the very first year from the Centenary or a century of Ghana's nationhood. Because Ghanaians are human and can't 't be too certain of exactly what the future holds available on their behalf like a nation, they are able to only hope all went well.

For this reason Searching Forward to return with Hope is fantastically relevant. There's this French proverb which states: "Every intelligent traveler should be aware of where he's originating from where he's going to. Inch After half a century of independence, Ghanaians as intelligent people doubtlessly understood where 4.

Visions of independence, then and now

Is that this situation the country wants to revive within the next half a century? Economically, when the nation's natural sources have been efficiently and effectively handled, would there have been any Ghanaian child who'd go to sleep with no meal? Would there have been any Ghanaian child refused fundamental education? It's quite common place that Ghana is really a fortunate land endowed with all sorts of sources including gold, gemstone, bauxite, cacao, timber, arable land, rivers, rain falls and abundant sun shine throughout the year.

Ghana: fifty years of independence

But exactly how did we like a nation manage these sources within the last half a century? Did we allow corruption, self-centeredness and avarice to dominate our method of doing things? When it comes to human sources, Ghana is fortunate with the best brains in Africa if away from the world as whole. These are merely a couple of explanations why Ghana might have done much better than she did when it comes to socio-economic, political and cultural success for that first half a century of her independence. Fortunately for Ghana, the final 2 decades approximately of history half a century precisely from to today when democracy was permitted to function, the nation has witnessed tremendous improvement in governance.

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For this reason there's abundant expect the country once we expect to return. Within the last eight years Kafue administration more improvement has further been put into the prior one, especially in good governance and rule of law. Here it's possible to mention the abolition from the criminal libel law in the statute books of Ghana.

Firm foundation continues to be laid for that economic take-off across board. With this, I am talking about the different industries from the economy including agriculture, education, health, transportation, communications, investment, tourism, foreign guidelines, sports and whoever else? Capitation grants or loans and college feeding programmed have produced a chance for college going children to stay in school and become given a minimum of one meal each day totally free. This really is something we have to not ignore. At this time the federal government has began creating what's known to as Community Information Centers CICs in most the electoral constituencies through the country.

This can be a viable strategy that concretely helps to ensure that ICTs are taken nearer to rural those who are within the majority in Ghana. Top class streets, railways and ports and harbors are now being built, or rehabilitated and broadened and extended to numerous areas. Four condition-of-the-art sports stadia happen to be built which enabled Ghana for hosting the 26th edition of Africa Cup of Nations from 20th the month of January to tenth Feb, The nation is now able to host any worldwide occasions at these modern stadia.

The prosperity of the tournament was spectacular and forecasted the look of the nation to in excess of 4billion people globally because of the magic of television. Most importantly, why anticipation for future years is more concrete and realistic may be the "miraculous" discovery of oil in commercial quantity within the golden jubilee year of the most fortunate nation on the planet.

It should be borne in your mind that oil exploration activities really started in Ghana 7. The storyline of oil discovery in no more a story book within the development good reputation for Ghana. It's real.

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However a questioning Thomas may ask: Where's the proof that Ghana has discovered oil in commercial quantity? On Monday, Feb 25, , the federal government of Ghana did a thing that was referred to as unparalleled within the good reputation for oil industry on the planet.

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That which was that? That forum introduced together both national and worldwide experts within the oil industry and stakeholders to brainstorm in order to fashion out that which was known to as "Organic and Comprehensive National Gas Policy and Master Plan" for that oil sector in the united states. If there wasn't any oil discovered would the federal government have spent tax payer's scarce sources to attempt this type of venture? The Ghanaian President Kafue who opened up that national forum with that memorable day came to the conclusion his key note address thus: " Since Nkrumah could only use the revenue from cocoa to bail out the public companies, he had to make the poor farmers sacrificial lambs.

Through marketing boards, the government reduced the price paid to farmers for cocoa to raise more revenue. This was when there was an increase in the price of cocoa worldwide and farmers expected increased earnings. They were highly disappointed and demoralized by the situation in Ghana. The response of the government to the protests of working people and farmers worsened the situation.

Rather than mobilising workers and the poor to completely break with capitalism, Nkrumah became dictatorial and took some draconian measures against the widespread protests and disaffection to his government. He declared strike actions illegal, arrested and detained opposition activists, without trial, and declared Ghana a one-party state with himself as life president.

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There is no doubt that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah played a historic role as a fighter for national liberation.

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However, Nkrumah was not a genuine socialist and revolutionary. Notwithstanding his limitations, Nkrumah towers above the current generation of African leaders, who rolled back all the gains of the s, as a result of neo-liberal attacks. The rapacious colonialists refused to develop the continent, despite sitting on its fabulous wealth.

They only provided infrastructure that would aid exploitation of the resources of the continent. This placed enormous responsibility on the new African leaders, after independence, to begin the process of developing industry and a welfare state. These industries were built up with public resources. The new set of African leaders bastardised the original idea of African solidarity, championed by Nkrumah and others.

The shortcomings of the Nkrumahist welfare state were not a result of the personal failings of Nkrumah but arose from attempt to seek improvement and development within the confines of capitalism. Capitalism internationally is a barrier to the further development of humanity and has to be ended. The only way forward is the struggle for a socialist society, where the economy is run under the democratic control and management of the working class and poor peasantry.

Africa is the weakest link of the global capitalism. It is here that a revolutionary movement could start, which with international working class solidarity, could defeat capitalism and imperialism.