Il simbolo del Male (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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Reference: Moita, G. The dictatorship of love relationships. Theory and methods and sharing experiences. Figlie, donne, madri. Daughters, women, mothers. Social media languages, trauma dissociation , multiculturality in adolescents groups obstacle creativity, symbolization and the construction of a cohesive dynamic. Cases will be presented in an experiential way.

Many handbooks teach us what an effective communication is; many methods train us on how to gain communication skills. It is also a very important aspect in communication, verbal and not verbal, formal as well as informal, in couples and in groups, in peacetime and in wartime. Emotional communication can prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts. It helps to loosen difficult situations and to get out of the vicious circle of frozen relationships.

The psychodramatic process and the technique of the meta-communication will help us to bring out our best resources in conflicts. Feelings are our strength and cogency, our expressivity and reliability in communicating. La comunicazione emotiva: un modo per prevenire, gestire, risolvere i conflitti. Aiuta a sciogliere situazioni difficili e ad uscire dal circolo vizioso di relazioni cristallizzate.

Il processo psicodrammatico e le tecniche di meta-comunicazione ci aiuteranno a individuare le nostre migliori risorse in situazioni di coglitto. Alongside the somatic and social dimensions, the roles in the role-project theory of Analytical Psychodrama for individuation are characterized by the imaginal dimension linked to the exploration of that which is possible, of the meanings of symbols, and of the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. They belong to three categories, i.

Ora, se nello Psicodramma Analitico, abitualmente si giocano solo momenti reali attuali o passati, della vita del protagonista, fanno eccezione le Scene Virtuali.

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Voci negate: un laboratorio tratto da un esperimento di costruzione di uno spettacolo teatrale partendo dalla metodologia psicodrammatica. Denied voices: a workshop based on an experiment in constructing a theatrical performance, starting from the psychodramatic methodology.

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The inner research moves in the internal theater, trying to find a part of himself that is struggling to find a way of expression, a stage, a place in the world. The protagonist plays this part in his scene with the aim of earning his expressive path. The part of himself takes more definition, also through the interactions with his own counter-roles, and his subjective truth is affirmed on the scene. One observes it, makes it aware and transforms the part of oneself into a character through theatrical language.

From this we build a narrative frame that contains it. The study is quantitative and qualitative. There are unaccompanied minor boys in the project between the age of 15 and EXIT focuses on enhancing movement, imagination, engagement, connection, here and now, safety and responsibility. A film with the participants participating in the early intervention will be shown and the results will be presented and discussed.

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The lecture and film will give the participants an opportunity to understand community art work with participants who suffer from trauma, stress and loss. A workshop to explore gender identity and stereotypes with psychodrama, between temporal variables generations in comparison and spatial variables nationalities in dialogue.

The experience of psychodrama in individual therapeutic work and couple therapy offers many interests. Doubling can have the effect of touching the emotional experience, of feeling understood, of reinforcing an identity effect.

The role change allows the protagonist to experience what an antagonist is going through in the therapeutic work. Together, the interest of this role taking will be decided. Psychodramatic games allow us to experience from within what has been played in a scene in the history of the past or present protagonist s. The seminar will provide an opportunity to experience these different aspects of individual and couple therapy.

It will be in French with simultaneous translation into English.

The laboratory used active methods of group work and psychodrama and playback theater methodologies with the aim of promoting encounter and communication experiences among participants able to overcome linguistic and cultural differences. Some universal symbolic elements have served as a reference to connect stories and experiences lived by different people in different cultural contexts, connected to each other as experiences of the common history of every human being, small particles of the greatest universal human history.

The music, the movement and the dance offered a great support to the activities of the laboratory and allowed to realize a theatrical performance that debuted at MIToS the Italian Meeting of Teatro Sociale in Lucca and which was repeated at the Teatro Bolognini of Pistoia in the initiatives of Pistoia Capital of Culture In the theatrical performance the stories of some refugees with the live accompaniment of the Connexions band were staged, a multi-ethnic musical group that was formed during the workshop.

The Connexions band has performed some concerts for the Municipality of Pistoia and still performs musical performances in the territorial area to connect, socialize, raise citizenship awareness on issues related to immigration and as part of the integration activities of the SPRAR project, has obtained funding which allowed them to record their repertoire in a musical CD.

In the laboratory, activated within the community, the psychodrama methodologies were the foundation of group work: they offered participants a good base of knowledge and mutual trust. The theater of spontaneity was instead the area through which the group of participants was able to experiment and rediscover their creativity to design and create a theatrical performance that represented the conclusive action of the laboratory.

The theatrical performance was represented in two public theatrical spaces under the patronage and co-promotion of the Municipality of Pistoia. It was also a recovery with the camera to be able to look at it from an external point of view, see yourself from outside while living, making a video that was screened before the final theatrical performance was staged. Workshop esperienziale sul ruolo professionale. Musica improvvisata ed esplorazione del movimento spontaneo.

Tali elementi saranno i nuclei di lavoro del workshop, che si propone di accrescere la consapevolezza dei processi somatici di base in gioco nella relazione di cura, di declinare il proprio ruolo professionale in una dimensione personale e corporea, per orientare al meglio le proprie risorse nelle relazioni di cura in ambito educativo e psicoterapeutico.

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Workshop on professional role. Improvised love music and movement exploration in spontaneous attitude. Care relationships let us very often in unusual communication systems, difficult to decode. We try to anticipate answers with impulsive actions, to hand on symbolic meanings, blended to somatic processes in a sort of proto-menthal area. Expecially in disability, non-verbal elements become central about acting out behaviours.

During the workshop we focus on those key elements, working on consciousness somatic processes effecting on care relationship. Professional role will be discovered in the somatic as much as in personal aspects, to better direct professional expertise in therapeutic and educational work. In private practice with neurotic patients and in the public with psy-chotics, Jungian psychodrama returns a significant therapeutic experi-ence to body, movement, action. Psychotic patients — whose ability to express themselves verbally can be reduced, inadequate or compromised by delirious contents — return to co-municate from bodily expression as a vehicle of thought.

We had strong transformations in many countries: economic crisis, traumatic migrations, unemployment, climatic change, environmental disasters, terrorism, wars! How is the Anima Mundi? We will share together dreams, memories and expectations to investigate personal and collective unconsciousness reactions to these phenomena and what suggestions the wisdom of dreams will give us. He will demonstrate the dream incubation technique according to the ancient medicine of Asclepion and the utilization of opening and closing rituals to contain the unconsciousness force and elaborate collective trauma.

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Psychodrama can be used to create a safe place and paths of change for the most severe traumatization. Psychodrama creates a place to act out unprocessed trauma within the containment of therapy in order to stop the obsessive repetition of the past. Jungian psychodrama can help to play traumatic experience trough symbolic representations and the wisdom of dream-play. Often victim of trauma split out their feelings and in the play it is important to play the role of the heart or the role of the feeling of the protagonist to integrate the emotional dimension.

Two or three dreams will be played. Dreams convey the transformative wisdom of the unconscious, allowing emotionaly charged material to become easly accessibile to the consciousness, activating intrapsychic and intersubjective change. The group will take place within a ritualistic framework, creating a safe space to advance personal and social healing.

Abbiamo avuto forti trasformazioni in molti paesi: crisi economiche, migrazioni traumatiche, disoccupazione, cambiamenti climatici, disastri ambientali, terrorismo, guerre! Verranno rappresentati due o tre sogni.

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Forty-five years after his death, J. Moreno will have his name once again uttered by many during this International Conference. Nevertheless, his books are unfortunately still not well known, and his ideas are not always acknowledged. In the same vein, most of the books already published on the subject continue to favor the definition of the method as therapy.

It is about going back to the modern roots of psychodrama and making use of the words of the creator of the method himself. Participants will also be invited to look at the other side of the tree, and will have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the indispensable sociodrama. But we know from our experiments that these two forms of role-playing can never be truly separated. Every role has two sides, a private and a collective side.