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Map and approach You can find your way using this map. Tempelhof field For relaxation and active recreational activities. Berlin Creative District The location is lively and creative. Tower THF The tower is open to public. Rooftop gallery 1. Visitor Centre, Information centre for interested visitors. Allied Museum A museum from an airport hangar. Go on a journey through time Experience more about one of the largest buildings of the world and its eventful history.

The legend of Tempelhof Journey through time through the history of the airport. Hidden places Explore unknown areas in the airport. Group tours Book your individual group experience. English guided tours Explore the history of the former airport. Meeting point Here you will find the starting point of the tours. Toggle navigation Navigation. Also another interesting thing is that there were a couple of helicopters stationed in the area--I would like to know if these too were used Also I've never been able to figure out who was on the Fuhrer's personal aircraft, which made a one-way trip to Spain.

Tempelhof 2008, the last day, part 1

Fegelein, perhaps??? I think the helicopter you are referring to was the Focke Achgelis Fa which had twin rotors on transverse outriggers. Hans Ulrich Rudel and Hanna reitsch did practice through November and December making rescue flights to the Tiergarten with this aircraft, but by April 29 the helicopter at Reichlin kept for this task was destroyed by air attacks.

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I am wary of commenting on the Ju flight by Heinz Baur from Horsching near Linz because it was cited in a book by Peter Stahl whom I have lately learned is an Englishman who forges historical documents. On the other hand a claim appears to be made quite widely that a Hauptman Braun flew a Ju A-6 50 passenger plane of Hitler's private flight to Barcelona. A different Ju A-5 flew there on 26 April from Prague.

The Ju A-5 ended up with the Spanish air force. I can't find out what became of the Ju A-6? I keep hearing about a Ju from Finsterwalde to Barcelona on 20 April and wonder if anyone can identify that please? Herr Baires claimed that this flight was evacuating records of U-boat movements in the last months of the war into hiding in Spain including microfilms of messages sent by a digital encyphering system SFM43 Krokdil.

SFM43 was never broken by the allies. Le Page when you talk of Hitler's personal plane are you talking about his Ju or the Ju flight to barcelona please? I need to be clear what you are saying? My main quest is to identify the Ju at Berlin on 29 April sent by Himmler who at that time was somewhere to the North near Donitz. Hanna Reitsch was sent out from Berlin with orders to have Himmler arrested. He also states that Fegelein was executed at the Berlin Bunker for desertion during mid-April Re: Last flights from Berlin?

Three Planes Left Behind as Tempelhof Closes it Doors

This is an interesting thread. Simon Gunson wrote: Hanna Reitsch did perform a stunt flight with the Fw61 from memory inside a packed stadium. Probably not. That JU, according to O'Donnell may have been the ship allocated to Fegelein by Himmler, and it is doubtful that it was known to Baur and Bormann that it was even parked there as Baur had shut down his tower and thereby recalled its staff earler that day.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Auf Wiedersehen, Tempelhof

After PM thereabouts on April 28, any pilot of a plane sent by Himmler to fetch Fegelein would have been arrested because Himmler's negotiations with Count Bernadotte became known to Hitler. Any evacuation by air after 4. This formation mustered aircrafts: fighters, Schlacht aircrafts, bombers, reconnaissance planes and 78 maritime types.

Opposing 2VA in the south was Luftflotte 6 with another aircrafts: fighters, schlacht aircrafts,35 bombers and reconnaissance machines. On Apr 16 alone, Luftwaffe flew combat missions.

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About 60 of them were "total missions" flew by Sondergruppe A, in which pilots crashed aircrafts loaded with explosives on to the Oder bridges. I was misled in by the advice of a Spanish aviation expert from Santander about this Ju flight and realise now that the flight which I refer from Prague flown by Hauptmann Braun was in fact the surrender flight of Alles Kaput. The official version is that this aircraft surrendered to operation LUSTY at Munich, but in fact it first landed at Dessau to disgorge some 80 fleeing passengers.

Berlin Bids Bon Voyage to Historic Tempelhof Airport

This flight and the conflicting reports of it's escape from Prague at the same time Hitler issued orders to arrest Kammler may account for Kammler's disappearance. I have also since learned of an SS controlled unit in the Luftwaffe which operated Ju 52 aircraft.

Hans Bauer virtually set up a mini airport for a regular shuttle of J aircraft to bring SS troops into Berlin. Speer and Baur had a famous argument about the cutting down of trees along the Unter den Linden. See they even had radical environmentalist opposition to tree felling as Berlin burned!

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Must have been the Irish Freikorps No laughing in the peanut gallery I kid you not Albert Speer stood there in the main throughfare with all of Berlin a bombed out ruin, artillery shells krumpfing all around, people fighting and dying a few blocks away and told Hans Baur he must not destroy the beauty of Berlin I believe transcripts of Goebbels diaries from the last 3 months were also flown out, the plane being brought down and the diaries recovered much later?