Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators

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Check up on the activities that are going on when other adults are watching your children. Have frequent conversations with you children so you are the first to know if someting is suspicious. I am sorry that these things worry you but most sexual assaults on children are by realtives and close friends, not strangers, Know who your children are with and be prudently cautious. A sex offender does not look like a monster, he looks like everybody else.

Sex Offenders: What Should You Tell Your Children?

Get to know the people that are spending time with your children very well. Talk to your children about their activities, thoughts and feelings.

If something seems not quite right check it out. The key is being vigilent and prudent without being paranoid and scaring your children.

I hope you find this helpful. I just read the comment about Red Flags with people that act like children. I've always been a little childlike yet not childish, taking care of responsibilities , bills, housecleaning, etc Other people tend to treat me like a child despite being 33 years old. Should I be extra cautious of people that treat me like a child, despite how hard I work to be a grown up?

What about adults that give me kids toys as presents? Last, are overly protective parents likely projecting onto me their sex offending desires? I'm trying to find the edge and fine line while being pregnant, now. Child- like and only wanting to have children as companions are two diffrent things.

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Even then, it is not necessarily "bad. If your behavior is very child-like and you find that to be a problem, you might check it out with a therapist.

If is does not cause you or others problems then it is probably OK. Hope this helps Kathy. You say that the police and cps will investigate. Not in all cases. They say that since the child is with mom instead of the abusive father, that the child is safe. So they closed the investigation after 2 weeks! The child has a GAL and she is no help. Has only visited the child one time.

Are You the First Line of Defense?

The child's counselor is no help. She only plays with the child and doesn't encourage her to talk. Meanwhile, Mom is left on her own to deal with breakdowns, tantrums, nightmares, tears and terror that her father is coming for her! It's been four months and the "professionals" are only making matters worse and the child's mental state is quickly getting worse. Now she's lashing out at school. The school counselor and the child's teacher has heard from the child herself what her father has done, but the GAL won't even talk to them!

They have reported to cps, but nothing is being done! I thought you were supposed to keep the perp away from his victim?! Neither of them are doing their jobs and are totally incompetent! Kathryn Seifert, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together.

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  • Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators!

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The application, which works on most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to store up-to-date images and physical descriptions—like height, weight, birthmarks, etc. The information is stored only on your device—not with your mobile provider or the FBI…. The FBI-SOS program is a nationwide initiative designed to educate children in 3rd to 8th grades about the dangers they face on the Internet and to help prevent crimes against children.

About Protecting Your Kids

It promotes cyber citizenship among students by engaging them in a fun, age-appropriate, competitive online program where they learn how to safely and responsibly use the Internet. The program emphasizes the importance of cyber safety topics such as password security, smart surfing habits, and the safeguarding of personal information. FBI-SOS includes a national competition for schools registration required , but the website can also be used by parents and their children. The National Sex Offender Public Website enables every citizen to search the latest information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes for the identity and location of known sex offenders.

Today NCMEC is authorized by Congress to perform 22 programs and services to assist law enforcement, families and the professionals who serve them. About Protecting Your Kids. Contact Information If your child has been kidnapped or harmed, immediately contact your local FBI field office or the closest international office. To report child sexual exploitation, use the electronic Cyber Tip Line or call If your child is being abducted internationally by a family member and is not yet abroad, contact the U.

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Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators

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Predators among the masses

Results in impaired attention, learning, and memory function. In larger doses, it may cause delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function, high blood pressure, and depression.