Roses in Autumn (Virtuous Heart)

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About Donna Fletcher Crow. Donna Fletcher Crow. Growing 6 to 12 inches tall, and blooming in blues, pinks, and whites, it makes an excellent ground cover to complement other early spring bloomers, like daffodils. Hellebore is essentially evergreen and ever easy to care for. Often called Lenten rose, because they bloom early in spring close to the season of Lent, they will rouse you out of winter doldrums, and continue to bloom all season long. They love shade, but will tolerate part sun in most planting zones. With orchid-like blossoms, ranging from white, to pink, to purple, the toad lily serves up exotic autumn color.

This perennial enjoys full to partial shade, and will delight you every year as summer comes to an end.

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With varieties ranging from white, to dark reds, and brilliantly variegated, this bulb will not disappoint. This easy-care shade plant can be left in its bed at the end of the season, though it may not return the following year, or can be dug out of the ground to over-winter, and then be replanted the following spring.

Bee balm does best in a sunny corner of the yard, but it can tolerate shade quite well. A member of the mint family, this pollinator plant will spread, so divide it every few years to bring bright color to adjacent garden beds.

Romance Series ~ Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History

With delicate blooms that resemble bells, lily of the valley can spread throughout a shaded area to provide low-maintenance ground cover. Although beautiful, this flowering plant is highly poisonous, so avoid planting it if you have cats, dogs, or young children at home. Growing in sun or shade, myrtle is a drought-tolerant shrub that does best in temperate climes.

Deer- and disease-resistant, it can grow to be 8—12 feet high and makes an attractive hedge. Shade-loving, low-maintenance hosta is a busy gardener's dream plant. Each type of hosta thrives best in slightly different light conditions: For a deeply shaded garden bed, choose hostas of a dark green color; for gardens in partial shade, opt for hostas in lighter or variegated varieties.

Love, Diane. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This is a thought provoking message.

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Mary Ellen. Apostle Paul writes in Col that, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, we are to put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long suffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another even as Christ forgave us.. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends.

Thank you for sharing such encouraging words. May the peace of God rule in you heart. God bless.

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Your email address will not be published. Love always, Rose Dear Joseph, What responsibility does the receiver of an apology have in the healing of deep-seated hurt? If this assessment is accurate, I offer the following: Forgiveness is the natural result of a new story. We take delight in the suffering we hope the other person is feeling from our withheld affection because we perversely imagine they deserve to suffer or that the suffering is a learning experience.

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The instant we begin this painful but wonderful process, the icy feelings inside us begin to melt. If we continue that process to its natural end, feelings of forgiveness are inevitable. Changing your story is the key to changing your feelings. You can take deliberate steps toward forgiveness today by listing all the ways you have contributed to the ruptured relationship with your brother in the past eight years.

How To Prune Bush Roses In Autumn

You challenge what you think when you change what you want. Given that challenging your story is a painful process, why would anyone do so? We do it when our motives change. When your motives change, your behavior follows naturally. People who resist forgiving are sometimes stuck in self-justifying stories—stories that protect them from the pain of reexamining their view of themselves and others. Sadly, the primary motivator that drags our story into the light is the acute experience of the pain of a lost relationship. Are you ready to end the loss?

What do you really want? Do you want a high-quality apology? Or do you want a relationship with your brother? Are you ready to sacrifice one to give yourself the other? Notice if even the thought of surrendering your resentments fills you with panic. That panicky feeling is your ego quivering with fear. And that is a good thing.

Share this November 18th, Reply. Rose Folsom Nash, I thought Mr.

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Alice Dear Rose, Thanks always for the little personal touch which is not missed on each sending.